Tax Problems

Resolving Tax Concerns in Hesperia

Few things are as scary as receiving a notice of investigation from the IRS. However, you can relax more easily with our firm’s expert tax assistance at your disposal. Scott M. Penn, PC & Tax Resolution Group, Inc. provides tax problem resolutions in Hesperia, Victorville, Apple Valley and the High Desert.

How We Resolve Tax Problems

Tax problems can occur in a variety of ways, but they all mean one thing: the IRS thinks you owe more money. If the audit results in additional fees, the IRS will do whatever it can to collect these extra funds.

When Scott M. Penn, PC & Tax Resolution Group, Inc. is your representative before the IRS, however, we can often minimize or remove the impact of your added obligation.

Our Hesperia tax firm assists with back tax return and late tax return preparation. Submitting this information as soon as possible helps demonstrate a willingness to resolve your issues with the IRS. We work with the IRS to lift liens off your property and assets, and we will negotiate wage garnishment adjustments or removals that does not hamper your ability to live your daily life. We can also negotiate innocent spouse relief and offers in compromise, which will ensure a fair disposition of your obligation.

Personalized Client Care

Overdue and additional tax obligations are financial emergencies, and, just like other urgent situations, the needs of each of our clients will be different.

Scott M. Penn, PC & Tax Resolution Group, Inc. makes sure our tax support matches your precise needs. We hold face-to-face meetings at the beginning of every tax resolution engagement. This meeting lets us really get to know you, your problems, and the situation that caused things to get out of hand. Scott, our CPA and founder, gives you his full attention when you tell him your exact needs. Personalized, quality assistance is the only type of service Scott and his staff provide.

Prompt, Timely Support

A lot of different elements come together to form a successful resolution to a tax audit. One of these is making sure we know about your questions, concerns, and situational changes as soon as they occur.

Constant communication leads to successful tax resolution cases. When you call us, we do not put you on hold or wait to call you back. We take the call immediately or get back to you as soon as possible. Our firm makes sure to give you our full attention.

Call Us for Tax Solutions

Scott M. Penn, PC & Tax Resolution Group, Inc. offers tax problem resolution in Hesperia and to all surrounding communities. Our customized, expert services help you overcome your IRS problems. For more information, call our firm and schedule a face-to-face meeting today 760-628-0050.


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